"We no longer dare to believe in beauty and we make of it mere appearance in order to the more easily dispose of it. We can no longer be sure that whoever sneers at [beauty] as if she were an ornament of a bourgeois past can no longer pray and will soon no longer be able to love." hans urs von balthasar

Beauty is a quality familiar to us all; a value which is notoriously difficult to define; a sensation evoked in us, which catches the breath, lifts the spirit, freezing reality momentarily. Beauty possesses the incongruous capacity to captivate the imagination, but not "engender a desire to possess or consume” [Eco, 2004]; an immersive and addictive desire, but one which cannot be satisfied. In a similar way to ideas of ‘love’ or ‘truth’, the familiar yet elusive nature of beauty is precisely what has made it so intriguing. 

there has always existed within the human mind an enduring desire to simply contemplate the beautiful: that which exists for no other purpose than beauty; one might call this, 'the aspect beyond function'. 

this exhibition is the first in a series of works investigating notions of beauty and creative practice. 'beauty and the ideal' describes an imagined space. a space with no external form. a space with no function, but which makes reference to the common perception of simple beauties found in nature. the project builds on previous investigations into reduction as a method of achieving a universal beauty. the notion of true beauty involves a consideration, care, and time. with this in mind, every aspect of the project is given equal aesthetic attention. the intention is that although arising from a spatial design, each fragment [plan, section, detail] is a beautiful thing in itself, while existing as a piece of an unified whole.

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