"this consequence brings us, in a future perhaps remote, towards the end of art as a thing
separated from our surrounding environment,
which is this plastic reality.
but this end is at the same time a new beginning.
art will not only continue but will realise itself more and more.
by the unification of architecture, sculpture, painting,
a new plasic reality will be created. painting and sculpture
will not manifest themselves as separate objects,
nor as "mural art" which destroys architecture itself,
nor as "applied" art, but being purely constructive
will aid the creation of a surrounding not merely utilitarian or rational
but also pure and complete in its beauty."

piet mondrian

"quantities are no more real than qualities
 intellect is no more true than feelings
 truth is no greater an aspiration than beauty"

 robert irwin

on donald judd

"material beauty and impeccable perfection in construction and execution amount to much more than indulgence in pleasure. his notorious diatribes against museaums that allow work to get damaged or destroyed through improper handling, point to what i believe to be a moral conviction: beauty and perfection are ultimately matters of dignity, not only of the artwork but of nature and culture in general. beauty is a very special and noble state. beauty is the condition that makes the artwork rare and special, distiguishing it from ordinary objects and utensils[...] like the right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness, people have a right to things beautiful, pleasant and as well-made as possible. art demonstrates that beauty."

rudi fuchs


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